There are dreams that are as impalpable as ideas and then there are real, down-to-earth dreams. We feel it every time we wear our colours to share our sporting values together.

Rolling Dreamers is an area for concrete dreams, in which athletes and sports enthusiasts unite to train together, plan trips, take part in workshops, and exchange ideas and experiences. Sports events and races are simply the finish line of a shared journey, an active, healthy and sustainable life style.



The basic idea, the core of our community, is training together. We train alongside enthusiasts of all endurance sports, experts and beginners alike, as sport is always inclusive.

Training in the gym we are able to find time for ourselves, to increase our physical wellbeing while widening our personal and social spheres. For us, competition and challenge are a journey towards a goal, improving ourselves to try and reach it, and learning to accepts our limits.


Travel, the pleasure of discovering new places and the desire to share them with others are the cornerstones of Rolling Dreamers. A sense of freedom, inner growth and fun are the motivation that pushes us, mile after mile.

Sport touring experiences strengthen friendships, and give us the chance to take part in competitions and events and explore new, unexpected places. Discovery, wonder and enjoyment are fundamental to our outings, making each newly-travelled road one to adventure!