What a couple! Giannecchini and Coach Zaina

Francesco Giannecchini joins the Rolling Dreamers family in 2017, when he faces his first Olympic Triathlon in Sirmione. It is the beginning of a journey with Coach Zaina, based on common goals: chasing the passion for sport putting our body, head and heart, with the desire to enrich ourselves as people. This synergy leads to great results and 2018 is a year of discoveries and growth for Francesco.

The participation in the 70.3 of Pula brings Francesco to the world championship final in South Africa, which he closes with a great time 4h:28′ for the 52nd position in his category. In November the racing season ends with the Florence marathon, where Francesco sets his personal record 2h:48′ and brings light in a cloudy day with an stunning performance: perfect synthesis of passion, sacrifice, willpower and great consistency in managing the mental and physical fatigue accumulated in a very busy year.

Go Francesco!

The challenge continues: on the way to the Ironman

The Ironman in Klagenfurt next July is the primary goal of Francesco and Coach Zaina for this 2019. An adventure beyond the Alps whose outcomes will be crucial for the next steps, with the hope, by both the athlete and the coach, to be soon on a plane to Hawaii for the IM World Championship. Dreaming is a must for a Rolling Dreamers, but come back to reality is not so bad considering the great start of the season! The winter hard, started with Coach Zaina in a week of busy training in Lanzarote, paid off and Francesco closed the Iron lake 70.3 on third place on April 28th. Next race on May 19th in Barcelona, ​​what to say? Go Francesco!

A good coach allows people to blossom. I've seen that.

- Dominique Moceanu