Keep it simple!

The Rolling Dreamers Club is a whirlwind of activities that give us energy and fill our hearts. But we know when it’s time to a change of pace and to put aside agendas, appointments and emergencies. Let’s take a break and clear the mind. Let’s get back to simple things.

We follow a simple but crucial idea: focus on the essential. A great challenge: learn how to take control of our life and time, ina a time  full of tasks and activities. Understanding what is essential and what is unnecessary and not be afraid to give more consideration to the simplest actions.

We have found in nature a great teacher, and be in harmony with it is a way to learn how appreciate the elementary laws and achieve a positive state of mind. It’s a joy that everyone can have at any time, but that often is taken for granted.
This is way we give ourselves moments dedicated to the discovery of simplicity in its extraordinary nature, moving away from the chaos of everyday life in the city.
Little things that help us live better and find our balance.

Biking, observe a landscape, enjoy friendship, light a fire or contemplate the beauty of nature. Because sometimes slowing down is the best way to move forward.

The simple things are also the most extraordinary things, and only the wise can see them.

Paulo Coelho