A technological help

The training with Mbaye and Oumar goes on, and at the Rolling Dreamers Club we are loving the Human Factor project at many levels. While we work every day in the athletic workout in view of the “Santini Trio Senigallia” triathlon, we are also knowing better Mbaye and Oumar and learning new and unexpected things. After the first experiences at the pool, this week we tested the open waters wetsuit. With the help of the Performance Builder staff, Mbaye and Oumar dived in the Propel P: 1 wetsuits made by 2XU Italia. The suits wrap around the body, adhering perfectly to the skin and facilitating buoyancy. They are definitely a great help for Mbaye and Oumar who are at their first swimming experience. At this point, we can only hope that the water temperature will allow us to use the suit during the race!

The emotions of these moments become mental and physical energy for the training.

Things never seen before

After focusing on swimming and cycling, we try the third triathlon discipline: running. But when we turn on the treadmill at the Rolling Dreamers ClubHouse we had a new revelation, a classic “Human Factor moment”: Mbaye and Oumar had never used one! This is the strength of the project: Mbaye and Oumar have the chance to make new and probably unexpected experiences, but at the same time they give us an unusual point of view on our daily life. The emotions of these moments become mental and physical energy for the training.
We are growing together, thanks also to all the wonderful people who contributes to the project. This week, for example, we were invited to the Strana Officina of maestro Marco Batistoni. Marco showed Mbaye and Oumar how to work on the lathe, creating components for the bike from nothing, and explained the long work of design a bicycle, from the concept to its realization.

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

— John C. Maxwell