One team, one goal

At last, the time has come. After four months of training – fixed in our body, in our mind, in our heart – we have reached the final stage of the route: the Santini Trio Senigallia Ride.
And we did it in the Rolling Dreamers style, following the formula race + journey + adventure. We took our bikes and left Florence towards Senigallia. We had a couple of days by bike and one day of rest, in which we found energy for the race and went over the smallest details. Then there was nothing left but to face the triathlon, and we crossed the finish line knowing we were doing something big. Together with the Human Factor community, we have shown that if you join forces, if you work together, you can achieve the goal, even if it seems impossible.

It is not just a message, but a radical change.

A radical change

In a time of conflicts – social, economic, political – the Human Factor project is a virtuous example of inclusion and integration through sport. We are happy to send this powerful message, but even happier because we know it is not just a message, but a radical change. The life of Mbaye and Oumar has really changed thanks to the Human Factor project, and so have changed their opportunities for the future. In September Mbaye and Oumar will have a job interview with Cecchi Logistica, a partner of the project  very close to the Rolling Dreamers.
Then, the Tropos gym has encouraged them to continue practicing in the pool and, in due course, get the wetting assistant licence in order to get a job in the structure.

It is almost impossible to divorce sport from politics, but sport is such a positive factor in today's society - there is nothing else which will bring so many people together in that atmosphere.

— Lynn Davies