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Virtual platform for training and team building services: the new frontier of corporate welfare

Who we are

Rolling Dreamers is a team of professionals who provide know-how and decades of experience in sports coaching in the service of your company and your collaborators. As sportsmen and women, we know what it takes to develop team spirit and achieve goals.


Wellbeing is the new corporate welfare solution that allows its employees to feel good, work better and increase the productivity of the company. It is the meeting point between business and employee welfare.


To have a healthy company you need healthy employees: physical activity is the most effective way to make them feel better and increase their performance. With our virtual platform the activities are streamed and accessible even for those who work from home or are smart working.

Discover our virtual platform

Training and team building services with interactive classes in live streaming, ideal for keeping smart-working collaborators healthy and motivated.

Advantages for the company

Welfare projects allow the company to save for the provision of bonuses and benefits and guarantee an increase in productivity.


Greater involvement

Paying attention to an employee’s health means valuing them as a person. The employee feels gratified as an individual, develops a relationship of greater esteem and trust with the company and is more involved in the business, favouring the establishment of a positive climate.


Greater productivity

Motor activity makes employees feel better, strengthens the immune system and increases performance at work. The benefits extend to attention and concentration skills. All of our activities are aimed at keeping motivation high to achieve the goals of the company and individual.


Tax advantages

There are numerous incentives to start a corporate welfare program: first of all, it is possible to deduct all the costs of the services offered to employees from the taxable income of the business. Furthermore, welfare services are exempt from contributory obligations, therefore they are "net" benefits for both the company and the employee.

Corporate wellbeing

Wellbeing projects allow their collaborators to feel good and work better by promoting not only financial but also most importantly, psychophysical wellbeing.


Sport and wellness

For a company to be healthy, the employees must also be healthy, even more so if they are forced to perform long periods of sitting while smart-working; physical activity is the most effective means of guaranteeing psychophysical well-being. The benefits are tangible, including the improvement of problem solving skills and a greater predisposition to withstand stressful situations.


Streaming services

Our streaming platform allows qualified coaches to conduct training sessions remotely ensuring high standards of quality and involvement. Even at a distance, sharing non-work activities with colleagues allows you to develop team spirit, strengthens the corporate identity and fosters a sense of belonging to the group.


Tailoring practice

Rolling Dreamers' proposal is aimed at companies of all sizes: from SMEs to multinationals. Corporate welfare programs are tailor-made because well-being starts with the individual, regardless of the sector they belong to, or the number of employees in the company.

Create your tailor-made welfare project

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Our program

Rolling Dreamers has rethought the dynamics of coaching since before the beginning of the spread of Covid-19 and the service offered is the most innovative and professional you can find on the market.


Individual profiling

Before starting, there is a cognitive interview with each participant for the medical history and the drafting of a report that takes into account recent and past injuries, level of fitness and sport practiced. In agreement with the HR department, a report is periodically drawn up on participation, personality and motivation of the participants.


Interactive classes

The proposal includes 3 different courses: Mobility Break, Regeneration Yoga and Functional Training. The classes last from 15 to 45 minutes and are confidential, interactive and always live. The coaches guide the participants with continuous feedback to allow them to perform the exercises correctly and avoid the risk of injury.


Contest and workshop

At the end of the Covid-19 emergency it will be possible to organise live meetings in the company or in an appropriate location: these "retreats" can be carried out as often as desired and take the form of training workshops or contests to involve their collaborators and strengthen team spirit.

Training classes

The corporate welfare offer envisages composing your own personalised package with great flexibility by choosing from three different courses with varying duration, between 15 and 45 minutes.


Mobility Break

The course is aimed at those who conduct predominantly sedentary work activities. The proposal includes an active break of 15 minutes to be carried out directly from your desk with stretching and mobility exercises that aim to improve the posture of the upper body and relieve muscle tension that develops in the neck and back.


Functional Training

Functional training classes allow you to work on general physical preparation and represent the starting point for any training program. The course serves to improve not only sporting movement but the perception of oneself in space and the effectiveness of the most common movements of everyday life.


Regeneration Yoga

The course is based on the practice of Hatha Yoga. The classes combine the dynamic and relaxed elements of yoga through work on postures and deep breathing. Participants are guided by the teacher to reach the most fun and energising postures, where they can experience a feeling of peace and harmony.

Create your tailor-made welfare project

Contact us to receive all the details of our team building and corporate wellbeing proposals through sport.

Rolling Dreamers, your company for corporate wellbeing.

Thanks to the professionals of Rolling Dreamers and the coaches of the RD Athletics division, the know-how and experience in corporate coaching gained over the years are at the service of your company and your collaborators.

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