Memorable Challenges

What a couple! Giannecchini and Coach Zaina

Francesco Giannecchini joins the Rolling Dreamers family in 2017, when he faces his first Olympic Triathlon in Sirmione. It is the beginning of a journey with Coach Zaina, based on common goals: chasing the passion for sport putting our body, head and heart, with the desire to enrich ourselves as people. This synergy leads to great results and 2018 is a year of discoveries and growth for Francesco.

The participation in the 70.3 of Pula brings Francesco to the world championship final in South Africa, which he closes with a great time 4h:28′ for the 52nd position in his category. In November the racing season ends with the Florence marathon, where Francesco sets his personal record 2h:48′ and brings light in a cloudy day with an stunning performance: perfect synthesis of passion, sacrifice, willpower and great consistency in managing the mental and physical fatigue accumulated in a very busy year.

Go Francesco!

The challenge continues: on the way to the Ironman

The Ironman in Klagenfurt next July is the primary goal of Francesco and Coach Zaina for this 2019. An adventure beyond the Alps whose outcomes will be crucial for the next steps, with the hope, by both the athlete and the coach, to be soon on a plane to Hawaii for the IM World Championship. Dreaming is a must for a Rolling Dreamers, but come back to reality is not so bad considering the great start of the season! The winter hard, started with Coach Zaina in a week of busy training in Lanzarote, paid off and Francesco closed the Iron lake 70.3 on third place on April 28th. Next race on May 19th in Barcelona, ​​what to say? Go Francesco!

A good coach allows people to blossom. I've seen that.

- Dominique Moceanu

A Not Ordinary Camp


We are always looking for new ways to stop the routine and live some days of wonder, unexpected, adventure. That’s why we love so much the Not Ordinary Camps, the rare opportunities to do sport in our favourite way: out of the gym, with other people, open to anything. We believe this is the best way to make sport a unique experience, to team up and get in touch with nature. And the last three days in Bolgheri (29/31 March) did not disappoint us. We put together two groups – one of triathletes the other of pure cyclists – and we started a new experience.

Il Not Ordinary Camp is an opportunity to do sport in our favourite way: out of the gym, with other people, open to anything.

More than training

Not Ordinary Camp is not a common training camp. Certainly we had the technical side, and it is organized as a great training path. The training moments are fundamental and are managed by our coaches in a serious and professional way. Anyway, this isn’t a full immersion, but rather a path that allows you to enjoy a ride on a white road between the vineyards or a sunset on the cypress-lined avenue.

It’s an experience that provides moments of sharing, team building and openness to new realities. We had time for calm and relax at Podere Arduino, which gave us amazing food and breathtaking views. Awakenings full of energy in the quiet of the countryside. Moments of pure fun born of the chance encounter with locals, authentic and exuberant characters, 100% Tuscan. Three magical and extraordinary days, in perfect Not Ordinary Camp style.

When I prepare, I am not messing around. I find the right places, the right people, and the right environment.

- Conor McGregor

Keep it simple!

Keep it simple!

The Rolling Dreamers Club is a whirlwind of activities that give us energy and fill our hearts. But we know when it’s time to a change of pace and to put aside agendas, appointments and emergencies. Let’s take a break and clear the mind. Let’s get back to simple things.

We follow a simple but crucial idea: focus on the essential. A great challenge: learn how to take control of our life and time, ina a time  full of tasks and activities. Understanding what is essential and what is unnecessary and not be afraid to give more consideration to the simplest actions.

We have found in nature a great teacher, and be in harmony with it is a way to learn how appreciate the elementary laws and achieve a positive state of mind. It’s a joy that everyone can have at any time, but that often is taken for granted.
This is way we give ourselves moments dedicated to the discovery of simplicity in its extraordinary nature, moving away from the chaos of everyday life in the city.
Little things that help us live better and find our balance.

Biking, observe a landscape, enjoy friendship, light a fire or contemplate the beauty of nature. Because sometimes slowing down is the best way to move forward.

The simple things are also the most extraordinary things, and only the wise can see them.

Paulo Coelho

A Wild Experience

Night Out in Bolgheri

Our passion for cycle tourism has taught us to love the natural landscapes and the territory, always in the journey perspective. We wanted to try a different approach, to experience nature in a more close and unconditional way.

So last January 11, a small but determined team of Rolling Dreamers left for the campaign of Bolgheri, a beautiful Tuscan village. The goal was to live a different experience, far from both the hustle and bustle of the city and the adrenaline of sports competition.

We arrived at the top of the hill, here the forest opened up revealing the immense vault of the sky, serene and starry.

Rolling Dreamers Base Camp

First we set up the base camp. We dealt with the tents and the wood and then we made the fire that helped us with the low winter temperatures. Then we dedicated ourselves to preparing the meal, trying to follow the techniques of bushcraft, which involves the use of resources available for survival in natural environments. We used elementary foods like potatoes, onions and eggs, using the ash and the embers of the bonfire to cook them. After this simple but tasty meal we took a long walk at night, up to the top of the hill above us. Here the forest thinned out revealing the immense vault of the sky, serene and starry. Before went back to base camp we made a new fire to be able to rest, get a hot drink, and enjoy the incredible wonder of nature.

Look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see, and wonder about what makes the universe exist. Be curious.

- Stephen Hawking

A weekend at the Clubhouse

Bike Fitting with 4 Performance

A good way to start the year is find new energy and ideas, and this January we are doing a lot to get off on the right foot.

Last weekend – the 19th and 20th of January – the Club House hosted a lot of different events, rich and interesting moments and extravagant contests!

We are happy to have hosted the 4Performance guys, Enrico Licini and Alessio Camilli, who arrived in Florence from Treviso to share with us their skills, expertise and enthusiasm.

Enrico and Alessio work on bike fitting, and in the 3 days that we spent together they set the bikes of the Rolling Dreamers Club’s members. Bike fitting is a very technical process to set the bike (saddle, handlebars, stems) and allow the athlete to draw the most efficient angles while cycling: it’s a key step that works both in terms of performance and posture.

The bike is the perfect marriage of technology and human energy.

— Jeremy Corbyn

Sport&Endurance Nutrition Workshop

Enrico and Alessio participated with us in the life of the club, taking part in the Sunday tour and in the second event of the weekend at the Club House: the Sport&Endurance Nutrition workshop. This was an opportunity to introduce Andrea Zonza, biologist and nutritionist, but above all new member of the Rolling Dreamers Club staff.

Andrea held the workshop together with the coach Luca Zaina and they introduced a new project, which involves the two main aspects of sport, training and nutrition. Luca and Andrea will work together during this season to provide the Rolling Dreamers, along with the usual training tables, the nutritional indications based on the athletic goals and the seasonality of food.

The evening ended with the crowning of the winner of the contest “the better dessert for a sportsman”, followed by a caloric peak for all the participants of the workshop!

Luca and Andrea will work together during this season to provide the Rolling Dreamers, along with the usual training tables, the nutritional indications based on the athletic goals and the seasonality of food.

Join the RD Club!

2019 Membership Campaign

It’s been a year since the creation of the Rolling Dreamers Club. It was a year full of challenges, new projects and fun. But we’ll wait until the last day of 2018 to think about the year that has passed.

Now it’s time to start a new adventure and open the doors of the Rolling Dreamers Club to new energy and new friends: it’s time for the 2019 membership campaign!

If you believe that sport is a vehicle for positive values, if you want to share your daily sporting experience, if you like traveling and are always looking for new challenges: maybe you don’t know this, but you are a Rolling Dreamer!

There are no constraints to be a Rolling Dreamer, the only requirement is to share the values: dream, train, explore.

Be a Rolling Dreamer

The Rolling Dreamers Club is an international community that joins sportsman from 14 countries around the world, with members on all continents. There are no constraints – of experience, age, gender or belonging – to be a Rolling Dreamer, the only requirement is to share the values: “Dream, Train, Explore”.

DREAM because we believe in the social value of sport, and its positive effects on humans and environment.

TRAIN because we think about sport as a day-to day effort in achieving our goals and exceeding our limits.

EXPLORE because sport is not just training but also experience, made of discovery, adventure and local relations.

You can train under the sign of the crescent moon, and become a Rolling Dreamer, by joining the Club within the period of the 10th of December 2018 to the 31st of January 2019. If you are already a member of the Club, this is the opportunity to access the Ambassador program by introducing us 3 new Rolling Dreamers!

SporT BUILDS character, it teaches you to play by the rules, it teaches you to know what it feels like to win and lose. It teaches you about life.

— Billie Jean King

Challenge Forte Village

Half Ironman

As usual, the Italian triathlon season ended with the Challenge Forte Village.
On October 27th and 28th the southern coast of Sardinia hosted the international event that is a mix of adrenaline, fun and breathtaking landscapes.

The scheduled distance was the “half Ironman” – 1.9 km swimming + 90 km bike + 21 km run – but it was turned into a duathlon with only the bike and run fractions due to the sea conditions that didn’t allow the swim.

Among the 1400 participants at the Challenge Forte Village also Fabrizio Castelli, historical member of the Rolling Dreamers Club, who brought our colors to the finish line!

Oggi esultiamo per una nuova sfida compiuta, grazie alla condivisione dell’allenamento e alla passione per lo sport!

Training with Rolling Dreamers

Fabrizio Castelli, a paralympic athlete and hand-biker, is also an authentic Rolling Dreamer. This is why, once he achieved his goals in rowing, he didn’t stop and took the opportunity to move his goal a little further and begin a new adventure.

This is the beginning of the Fabrizio’s journey to the Challenge Forte Village, a year ago. An adventure to approach the multidisciplinary sport par excellence, triathlon, which he shared with the other members of the Rolling Dreamers Club. The coach Luca Zaina coached Fabrizio in the preparation for the competition, teaching him how to manage distances, efforts and transitions between the disciplines.

Today we are happy for a new Rolling Dreamers milestone, achieved thanks to the sharing and the love for sport!

The man who has no imagination has no wings.

— Muhammad Ali

Human Factor - Finish line

One team, one goal

At last, the time has come. After four months of training – fixed in our body, in our mind, in our heart – we have reached the final stage of the route: the Santini Trio Senigallia Ride.
And we did it in the Rolling Dreamers style, following the formula race + journey + adventure. We took our bikes and left Florence towards Senigallia. We had a couple of days by bike and one day of rest, in which we found energy for the race and went over the smallest details. Then there was nothing left but to face the triathlon, and we crossed the finish line knowing we were doing something big. Together with the Human Factor community, we have shown that if you join forces, if you work together, you can achieve the goal, even if it seems impossible.

It is not just a message, but a radical change.

A radical change

In a time of conflicts – social, economic, political – the Human Factor project is a virtuous example of inclusion and integration through sport. We are happy to send this powerful message, but even happier because we know it is not just a message, but a radical change. The life of Mbaye and Oumar has really changed thanks to the Human Factor project, and so have changed their opportunities for the future. In September Mbaye and Oumar will have a job interview with Cecchi Logistica, a partner of the project  very close to the Rolling Dreamers.
Then, the Tropos gym has encouraged them to continue practicing in the pool and, in due course, get the wetting assistant licence in order to get a job in the structure.

It is almost impossible to divorce sport from politics, but sport is such a positive factor in today's society - there is nothing else which will bring so many people together in that atmosphere.

— Lynn Davies

Training Days #2

Let's get technical

We are heading into summer and the “Santini Trio Senigallia” triathlon is approaching. We still have a lot to do, but if we look back over the last months we can see the amazing progress made by Mbaye and Oumar.
From the day we turned on the treadmill and get back a blank stare, we moved on to the first experiences on the athletic field. With the help of the coach Luca Zaina we are working on the technical gesture during the race. This is a very important activity, together with the metabolic training, because a correct running style prevents injuries an increases speed too.

Now it’s time to leave the safety of the pool and venture into the true aquatic environment of the triathlete: free waters.

Finally in the free waters!

The improvements on swimming are even more evident, since it was a discipline totally unknown to Mbaye and Oumar only a couple of months ago. The pool has been the place of great advancements – from familiarization with water, to floating, to swimming – but now it’s time to leave the safety of the pool and venture into the true aquatic environment of the triathlete: free waters. Whether it’s rivers, lakes or the sea, swimming in open water is totally different from the indoor. The four walls of the pool disappear, the space is limitless, the bottom goes dark, the water is deeper and connected to weather conditions. Swimming in open water is getting in touch with nature, floating on your own fears, looking for adventure! With Mbaye and Oumar we faced the first session in open water at Bilancino’s lake, with the help of the Performance Builder staff and the magical 2XU wetsuits.

Let’s float, dreamers!

Don't be a fish; be a frog. Swim in the water and jump when you hit ground.

— Kim Young-ha

Not Ordinary Camp

Three days together

We like the three-day-event, and following the success of the Strade Bianche, we decided that we deserved a new chance to bring together all the members of the Rolling Dreamers Club on the hills of Siena. So the Rolling Dreamers Training Camp was born: three days dedicated to “Dream, Train, Explore”. A key activity of the Camp was, obviously, athletic training but we also had time for relax and fun.
The training tasks was on the beautiful Sienese roads, both by bike and by running, and sessions in the pool and on the rollers. We had a football match, and an extraordinary live cooking show by Fabrizio Bartoli. Finally, we relax ourselves with yoga and qi gong.

Since the Rolling Dreamers Club is first and foremost a community, the concept of "team" is fundamental in our idea of sport.

Team up

The Rolling Dreamers Training Camp was above all an opportunity to learn to stay together, to know each other and become a team. Since the Rolling Dreamers Club is first and foremost a community, the concept of “team” is fundamental in our idea of sport. “Team” means learning to be loyal, collaborative, to share moments of joy and difficulty. This process was even more important because, for the first time in an official way, the life of the Club was directly joined with the Human Factor project. Mbaye and Oumar were able to meet the other members of the community, participating in every aspect of Club life. For the first time, thanks to a special permit, they could spend the night outside the accomodation center, and enjoy three days together with the Rolling Dreamers!

I am a member of a team, and I rely on the team, I defer to it and sacrifice for it, because the team, not the individual, is the ultimate champion.

— Mia Hamm